Barbados’ AG comforts his citizens using T&T’s Crime Stats

Adriel Brathwaite


According to a Barbados Today Report the Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite has suggested that Barbadians can take comfort in the fact that the island’s crime situation is no where near as bad as that of neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago, which has recorded over 80 murders in just two months. He boasted that last year, a total of 30 murders were reported on the island.

However, from the comments that follows this article, Barbadians are not too impressed with his rationale, especially since there is only a population of about 300,000 there, and the land area is a lot smaller.


Nation Murders per 100,000
Barbados 10 (2015)
Trinidad & Tobago 35.3 (2014)


Barbados’ AG having seen the footage of brazen daylight murders in Trinidad went on to boast, “But in Barbados you know that we solve 90 – 95% in particular of our homicides. So people don’t get away with the most egregious offenses in this country and feel that they can commit them and disappear. That does not happen in our country,” Brathwaite further contended that there was no “runaway crime” situation in Barbados.


According to a 2014 Guardian Report only about 13% of murders are solved in T&T. Looking at the raw statistics, our murder rate is more than 3 times that of Barbados, and at the same time we only solve 15% of the murders that Barbados solves. So, we are in pretty bad shape.


About 90% of Barbadians, or Bajans, are of Afro-Caribbean descent and mixed descent, therefore the general notion that poor Afro-Caribbean men are lazy and turn to crime as a first resort for easy money can be statistically dispelled. In T&T, what we have are impoverished and disenfranchised sections of our society that are need of urgent remedial work. Real meaningful options must be made available to unemployed men in these areas. These persons need to be taught that their own lives matter. It is only at this point that they will start to really value all human lives and put away the guns and instead make valuable contributions to building our nation. Of course those bent on a life of crime must be found and made to pay for their criminal activities.

Now concerning T&T the following is quoted from World Population Review:


“The country is dominated by two ethnic groups: the Africans and the Indians. The Africans are mostly Christian while the Indians are mostly Hindu, and there has been a great deal of tension between the two groups. While the two groups are equal in number, many Africans in the country feel they are being taken over or pushed aside by the Indians.”


I think that it is in everyone’s best interest if we leave no one behind in this country, in the long run the country would be far better off. The first order of business would be to seal off our coastlines from the importation of drugs and guns. But is there the political will to do this thing?


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