Oil Prices Dropping

Today Oil is US$32/Barrel, Next Big Drop: March 2016

On Thursday 7 January, the price of Brent crude oil slumped to a 12-year low of US$32 a barrel. This was due to two factors:   [1] A slowdown in the Chinese economy, where trading had to be halted as their mainland stock markets tumbled by 7% in the world’s Read More

Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly

Carnival Cutbacks

Every year, T&T spends hundreds of millions of dollars to host Carnival Events, which is supposed to be the greatest show on earth. The justification being that it will boost the tourism sector and create employment, maybe for about three months or so. It has been this same calypso sung Read More

2016 GDP Forecast

GDP Forecasts

The Economist has compiled a table of the fastest shrinking and growing economies in 2016. While the Economist Intelligence Unit has projected a World GDP growth of 2.7% in 2016, this is an increase from the 2.4% that was estimated for 2015. Despite the improvement for 2016, the euro area Read More

Standard & Poor's

Standard & Poor’s Downgrade

Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC (S&P) is a division of McGraw Hill Financial that publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds. S&P is considered one of the Big Three credit-rating agencies, the other two being Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch Ratings. On December 24, this rating agency Read More

Jwala Rambarran

Jwala – Home for Christmas

On Wednesday evening, or on Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve) Jwala Rambaran was sent home for Christmas. This event followed his December 12, 2015 announcement that the country was officially in a recession. While this is true, he did not think that it was appropriate to advise the Read More

ReGifting Christmas


Don’t be surprised if this Christmas you get an item that you really don’t care for. Rather than let the item just clutter your home, you can wait a while and then sell it off on our website and get some cash that you can use to buy something that Read More

Oil Well

Low Oil Prices Continue

Normally, winter would tend to drive up energy prices, as people use more energy in order to stay warm, but strangely enough the converse is happening. On December 21, the prices for Brent crude (a global benchmark) fell to an 11-year low of US$36.04 per barrel. This is even lower Read More

Colm Imbert

Buy Local

On Sunday, December 20, during a hamper distribution at his constituency office in Maraval, Mr. Colm Imbert, the Minister of Finance advised the population to hold back on their spending and to curb their foreign tastes. While this may be the last thing that retailers may want to hear at Read More