Economic Diversification Solution (EDS)



In order to find the right solution, you have to go right back to the beginning of something. It was no coincidence that the Island of Trinidad was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498 on his Third Voyage. It was the very first island that he came to on this voyage. With water rations starting to run low, the crew started to get restless and fearing a mutiny, Columbus turned to prayer and made a vow to dedicate the next land that he found to God. It was also not a coincidence that as he came up to the south-eastern coast of Trinidad that the Trinity Hills appeared. With great joy and relief, he kept his vow and name the island: “La Isla de la Trinidad” meaning the island of the Trinity.


This island is obviously very blessed having the largest naturally occurring Pitch Lake in the world, discovered in 1595, when Sir Walter Raleigh needed to repair his ship. But beyond this, it was soon found to be rich in crude oil and natural gas deposits. The American Merrimac Oil Company drilled an early oil well at La Brea in 1857, where oil was struck at 280 feet (85 m). In addition to this the island is situated below the hurricane belt and is not generally subjected to regular damage due to the passage of tropical storms.


So, what was the purpose of all of these natural resources that were placed into this nation? It was supposed to be a foundation from which the nation would accelerate and become a shining example of peace, harmony and prosperity, and thereby God’s name would be exalted among the nations of the new world. Time and time again, Trinidadians have excelled globally, in sport, beauty and with creativity, for example the creation of the steel pan, the only new musical instrument discovered in the twentieth century. Master craftsmen have exuded designs on an annual basis for carnival individual costumes.


However, somewhere along the way, this creativity was stymied from expanding properly and mainly limited to the cultural aspects of the society. Instead of the Oil and Gas becoming a platform to launch the economy from, it was reduced to a support base to keep the culture alive. Unfortunately, the culture has now degenerated into events that mainly promote drunkenness and lewdness, a reproach to the people. These base behaviors have  blinded the minds of the people and they no longer hold the vision of making T&T truly great among the nations. The attitude is now often, “Let us eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” This is also known as having a “Carnival and Fete Mentality.” Without a vision the economy will perish, and we will inevitably find ourselves falling behind other nations, that have less resources. Our currency will be worth less and our GDP will also be shrinking. The longer we take to wake up out of this stupor, the worse the problem will become.


Some will not care, as long as they can fete tonight, such shortsightedness cannot take anyone very far, some politicians don’t mind, because if the people are captivated by frivolous and foolish activities, they will have a free hand as they see fit to benefit themselves and their financiers.



The good news is that it is not too late for T&T, there is still hope, if swift action is taken. In the similar way, just as God had Trinidad named after His name in the New World, in the Old World there was a nation that God also separated unto Himself: Israel (which means Prince with God). Curiously enough, this nation has been under the hand of the Roman Empire and then the Ottoman Empire in centuries gone by. It was only in 1948 that this small nation got its statehood.


Consider the similarity of these years 1948 (the statehood of Israel) and 1498 (the discovery of Trinidad), only the 4 and the 9 are interchanged. This may not be a mere coincidence but a signal of divine providence.


If T&T truly wants to diversify its economy, it needs to align itself with Israel and become an ally with Israel. There are divine blessings associated with being aligned with Israel, in the past USA understood this and ensured support accordingly. Hence although it is the only Jewish state in the midst of much larger Islamic states, it has been able to survive and develop.


T&T should set up technology development partnerships with Israel and UTT should adjust its technical capabilities to facilitate R&D in leading edge technologies. Strong diplomatic linkages need to be fostered so that programmes can be accelerated.


Nation Population (2014) Land Area
Israel 8.22 million 8,019 square miles
Trinidad and Tobago 1.35 million 1,980 square miles


Israel has a long list of amazing technological discoveries. Firstly below is the Top 10 Futuristic Technologies Made In Israel :


[1] Forget the obsolete Rapid Rail, get a Sky Train Instead from Israel:


Sky Train

The irony of Israel’s terrible rush-hour traffic is that some of the country’s most innovative problem solvers have no choice but to squander their time commuting to work with the rest of us. However, Tel Aviv is soon set to become the world’s first city to have a mass-transit system based on the Maglev (magnetic levitation) technology, co-developed by NASA’s Ames Research Center. The SkyTran System will be comprised of two person pods that float down by means of overhead magnets. This electromagnetic mechanism ensures a virtually silent commute above bustling city streets, with zero emissions.


[2] Green Feed a mod for PetroTrin’s Old Refineries:


Another important advancement being made in Israel is in the realm of alternative fuel. Israel is a world leader when it comes to oil-free energy innovation and Professor Moti Hershkowitz of Ben Gurion University is no different. Hershkowitz developed a “green feed” that replaces crude oil and is made from CO2 and water. Basically, it is a substance that can be refined using slightly-modified existing refineries and emits nothing but water vapors. While the technology is still a decade away from commercial application, the fuel that will power the cars of the future may very well come from Israel.


[3] IceCure Medical


If someone told you that it was possible to do away with large tumors in just 15 minutes by turning them into balls of ice, you might just laugh at them. Yet Israel’s IceCure Medical has made this frozen miracle a reality. Following a successful clinical trial, patients diagnosed with benign and mildly malignant lung and breast tumors will be the beneficiaries of a new sub-zero procedure. The IceSense3 cryotherapy procedure utilizes liquid nitrogen to chill a needle to -274F (-170C), which is then inserted into the tumor. The extreme cold destroys the dangerous tissue in a procedure that takes just 10-15 minutes and is scar-free. If that doesn’t sound like the future of surgery and cancer treatment, we don’t know what does.


[4] Gauzy



Blinds, billboards, and windows are about to get a serious makeover. The Israeli company Gauzy has an incredible patent-pending technology that will change the meaning of transparency. The Liquid Crystal Controllers, similar to what you would find in a LCD TV, enables users to control glass like never before with dimming functions and different levels of transparency, all with the flip of a switch. Gauzy also offers glass with optional implanted transparent solar cells, for the environmentally conscious. The technology is far-reaching and applicable to practically any surface made of glass. From vending machines to refrigerator doors, sunroofs to elevators, the world will be viewed in a different light, and under personalized settings.


[5] Air Mule (no more slow ambulances)


Air Mule

Many have come and gone trying to produce the ultimate mode of sci-fi travel; the flying car, hovercrafts, teleporters—you name it. Nevertheless, when former IAF fighter pilots got together to create a “rotorless” vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) utility aircraft, it was bound to go places. Urban Aeronautics’s latest vehicle—the AirMule—is set to become the world’s first unmanned flying ambulances, thanks to its unique ability to land in crowded urban environments.


[6] Wi-Charge


Low battery got you down? Well, Wi-Charge’s futuristic infrared technology will charge you up, anywhere! Just as your smartphone, tablet or computer automatically recognizes internet hot spots, Wi-Charge’s technology will charge your device via harmless infrared beams transmitted from a device similar to a Wi-Fi router mounted on a ceiling. This means that wherever you are sitting, the wireless charge will follow you, making sure that you have all the juice you need to keep your busy schedule going. Wi-Charge is not the only wireless charge technology on the market, but it is a giantstep up from charge through magnetic induction (the notion of surface-to-surface charging) which is only able to charge devices at a short range. Although Wi-Charge’s technology is still in development, the company hopes to issue both the transmitter and receiver of their wireless charging technology within the next 12-18 months.


[7] Night Vision Lenses


Night vision goggles are extremely cool. Whether used for sports, defense or just for fun, the green glow of an infrared-enabled image is something that excites many people. Now, Professor Gabby Sarusi of Ben Gurion University is working on a nano-material that can be placed on any lens – turning it into a night-vision apparatus. There’s no doubt that Sarusi, material can make sunglasses even more useful after sunset.


[8] Mobileye


It might sound like something out of a Transformers movie, but there are cars that can see their surroundings and talk to one another. Israeli company Mobileye (that is reportedly planning the largest IPO ever by an Israeli company), has developed a system that enables a car to drive itself when the driver lets go of the wheel – and even break in face of danger. While being selected by top automotive companies such as Audi and BMW, the company is still working to improve its technology, eventually leading to a completely driverless car.


[9] StoreDot


How often have you found yourself being delayed somewhere waiting for your phone to charge? Well, that (and many other charging-related issues) may very soon be a thing of the past with Israeli company StoreDot’s technology. The company developed an array of materials based on organic nanodots, which enable all sorts of great applications, such as a phone battery that charges in 30 seconds and data storage devices that are much more efficient than anything else currently on the market.


[10] Real View


In the TV series Star Trek, the Enterprise’s crew would go to the holodeck to take a break from the woes of space travel, relaxing in various holographic environments. While full-room holographics are still a long ways away, Israeli company Real View has developed technology which enables projecting a real-life rendering of a patient’s heart directly in front of a surgeon. This way, the doctor can track the heart’s condition, without having to perform any invasive procedures.





These people are super inventive and productive, an alignment with Israel will do us well. Check the references for other inventions and technologies that have come out of Israel. This is nothing short of astounding. In conclusion, please share and like this article, hopefully somewhere along the line, our leaders will get the message. Diversification does not have to take years and years, but mere months.





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