Ethnic Cleansing of the Black Male in T&T?

Black Lives Matter


While T&T can boast of being a widely diverse society in terms of race and religion, when it comes to murders in T&T, the victims are heavily weighted towards the black male. While there is the odd Chinese businessman that may be a victim of gun violence, it seems to be almost an exclusively black male thing. We also remember the Japanese national that was strangled on Carnival Tuesday, however she could have still been alive today if she was not abandoned by her pan-playing friends that hosted her in Trinidad.


According to the Business Insider In 2014, T&T came in with the tenth highest murder rate in the world. Yet our Police bosses and servicemen commend themselves with doing a fantastic job in tackling crime and demand pay hikes, in spite of the minuscule rate at which they solve these crimes. Latin America is the world’s most murderous region. Over 60% of the victims are males between the ages of 15 and 44 years old.

Here are top 10 most homicidal countries in the world


Rank Country Murders per 100,000 people (2014)
1  Honduras  103.9
2  Venezuela  57.6
3  Jamaica  45.1
4  Belize  44.7
5  Columbia  43.9
6 El Salvador  43.9
7  Guatemala  39.9
8  Lesotho  37.5
9  South Africa  35.7
10  Trinidad & Tobago  35.3


Can you imagine nations like Iraq, Swaziland, Namibia, Mexico, and Haiti have a lower murder rates than T&T? I am so tired of hearing when someone gets murdered that it is casually palmed off as drug related or gang related. When a young boy was killed in Beetham Gardens last Old Year’s night, it was dismissed as a ‘stray bullet’ and simply forgotten.


It appears that ‘hit men’ have lowered their prices because of the recession, the body count is now increasing at an alarming rate. However, everyone can remain calm, except if you are a black male, and worse if you live in an area like Laventille, Beetham or Morvant. You go to school not being certain that you will reach back home alive.

It is my rough estimate that in excess of 90% of the murder victims in T&T are black males, you only have to watch the news every evening. For some strange reason, our boarders continue to remain open so that the ‘real criminals’ can transship massive amounts of illegal drugs. The guns that come with the drugs remain here, so that black males can be slowly eliminated from the society.


On a daily basis black families are made fatherless, women become widows, sisters lose their brothers and mothers lose their sons. This is not to absolve the men that are indeed perpetrators of violence. We indeed must catch these killers and bring them to justice. But there is something wrong with this trend. Is it that black lives do not matter anymore in T&T?


In the long run, the African community in T&T will be decimated if the powers that be don’t stop playing around and really start to deal with this situation. But maybe this was the objective of the society’s elite all along. The politicians are just there to feel important, collect fat salaries and to do their bidding.


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