Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the Advantages of using Trini.Online?

    The advantages are as follows:


    1. Basic Ads are free and will not cost you anything.


    2. Our Ads allow you to insert pictures and a comprehensive description so that long explanations won’t be needed and it will save your time.


    3. Each Ad has buttons for Twitter and Facebook allowing you to post it on these websites with a click of the mouse. Other people that are interested in your items can also post them. All Ads will also be automatically placed onto our Facebook Page.


    4. The Ads are well categorized so that visitors can find exactly what they are looking for quickly.


    5. Your general location can be inserted so that customers can know before hand how far away they are from your location.


    6. Three days before your Ad expires, you will be contacted by e-mail so that you can decide if you want to re-new your Ad.


    7. It is a quick and easy solution for selling your items to other residents of T&T.


  • What are the specifications for the Images that I can use?

    There is a saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Firstly, you should upload only high quality, clear images so that the person browsing can get a good idea of what is being offered. Ads without pictures or low quality pictures may not be posted until the situation has been rectified. Items should be photographed individually without anything in the background.


    Image Extensions that will be accepted:  PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF


    Maximum Image File Size: 1 MB


    Minimum Picture Size: 60 pixels x 60 pixels


    Maximum Picture Size: 640 pixels x 480 pixels



  • How much does it cost to post a classified Ad?

    At present, we offer 2 types of Ads as outlined in the table below:

    Ad Type Duration (days) Images Allowed Characters in Title Characters in Description Price(US$)/Credits
    Premium 90 6 100 750 $5
    Basic 30 2 50 400 $0 (FREE)

  • Is an account required to post a classified Ad?

    Yes, because we will need to be able to easily contact you if there is an issue with your Ad, as well as when your Ad is about to expire. Your account will also allow you to easily manage your Ads.


    See below for instructions on how to create a free account.

  • How do I create an account?

    To create an account, you can do one of three (3) things:

    1. 1. Click on the “Post An Ad” button in the head banner of the Website;
    2. 2. In the Sidebar, under the New User Registration section click on “Click Here to Sign Up” ; or
    3. 3. On the Online Classifieds page click on “Place Ad” and then use the Register link at the bottom of the following page.


    Once the Registration form shows up, all you need to enter is your desired USERNAME and a valid Email Address, answer the Math Captcha challenge, and then press the Register button.


    When this is done, a Welcome Email will be sent to you with the Password that you will need to Login into our website in order to place your Ads. (NOTE: you may need to check your “Junk/Spam” folder.)



  • I have an account, but I can’t login. Help!

    Please make sure you have created an account (see above) and that you have entered your password correctly – it is case sensitive. See below for instructions on how to reset your password, if necessary.

  • How do I reset my password?

    Please note that your password is case sensitive. If you need to reset your password, just click on the “lost your password?” link that is on the Registration/Login page.

  • How do I post a classified ad?

    This website is designed to easily guide you through this step-by-step process, when each step is done just click the continue button. To create a new classified Ad:


    [1] Click on the Place Ad link on the Online Classifieds page and then Login to your account.

    [2] Select the appropriate sub-Category for your Ad, and type of Ad. (For paid Ads, you will be directed to make your payment in US$ using PayPal)

    [3] Enter all the relevant information that pertains to your Ad Details and your Contact Info.

    [4] Upload your Images for the Ad.

    [5] Review your Ad and edit if necessary.

    [6] Submit your Ad for approval.

    [7] Once your Ad is approved it will show up in the listings.

  • How do I edit my classified Ad?

    To edit your classified Ad:


    [1] Login to your account.

    [2] Browse to your Ad that you wish to edit.

    [3] Click on the Edit Ad link just to the right of the Place Ad link.

    [4] Make your changes and click on the continue button.

    [5] Your Ad will show up again once the changes are approved.

  • How do I delete my classified Ad?

    To delete a classified Ad, use the Contact Page and send an Email (using your account’s Email address) indicating that the item has been sold, and you no longer need the Ad. The Ad will then be removed by the Administrator from the listing. For faster deletion, just edit the Ad and in the description in all capitals write: “PLEASE DELETE THIS AD”

  • How long will my classified Ad be posted?

    Premium Ads are valid for 90 days, Basic Free Ads are valid for 30 days. Three days before your Ads expire you will be sent an Email offering you the option to repost the Ad. This will continue until you either delete the Ad or choose not to repost it.

  • Why was my classified Ad flagged?

    Ads are flagged for a variety of reasons, most commonly for being similar to or a duplicate of an Ad you may have already posted. Feedback from our users have overwhelmingly indicated that they do not like seeing duplicate Ads. Therefore, they are not allowed. Additionally, if users find that your Ad is deceptive or misleading, they may flag your Ad to warn other users.

  • My classified Ad’s status is “Pending”. What does that mean?

    Ads are not available on the site immediately after posting, but will go through an approval process. It is during this process that the classified Ad is in the “Pending” status. The process usually only takes a few hours. This process simply helps to ensure that the classified Ad does not violate any of our Posting Guidlines, or is spam. If the classified Ad violates any of the guidelines, it is removed. If it is not in violation it will automatically be moved from the “Pending” status to the “Posted” status.

  • How does the Credit Plan work?

    The Credit Plan is designed for persons who need to put Premium Ads on a regular basis and would like to save. This plan allows them to purchase larger amounts of Credits at reduced prices, thereby making it cheaper for them to place their Ads. [The regular price to run a Premium Ad is US$5 (or 5 Credits)]


    Plan Description Credits Price (US$) Cost per Ad
    Long Term Plan Savings Plan for Long Term 40 $ 24.00 US$3.00
    Medium Term Plan Medium Term Credit Plan 30 $ 20.00 US$3.33
    Short Term Plan Short Term Plan 15 $ 12.00 US$4.00

  • I want to post a classified Ad, but don’t live in Trinidad & Tobago. Can I still post it?

    Unless the item is located in T&T, and you also have a contact within T&T, you should not post your Ad.  That’s why this site is called Trini.Online.

  • I want to post a classified Ad, but don’t see an appropriate category for my item. Can you add it?

    Perhaps. Submit your category request via Email and we will give it due consideration, and let you know.