Prophetic Notations of Manning (PNM)


On July 2, 2016 T&T was plunged into mourning upon hearing of the death of Mr. Patrick Manning that occurred at 8:15 am. Mr. Manning was a spiritual person and at one point as Prime Minister (PM) had a prophetess as one of his advisors. However, now that he is gone, it appears that his life as a whole was intertwined with prophecy. He may have sensed it, but may not have realized just how deep all of this ran. Listed below are some of the items about his life that may cause you to think twice and give consideration to all of this:


[1] The year of his birth : 1946 – To date all of our Prime Ministers were born in the 1900s. However, what is strange about Mr. Manning’s year of birth is that he was the 4th and the 6th Prime Minister of T&T. The first Prime Minister of T&T was Dr. Eric Williams. Upon his passing Mr. George Chambers became the second Prime Minister. In 1986, the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) handsomely won the general elections and Mr. Arthur Robinson became the nation’s third Prime Minister. But in 1991, Mr Manning rebuilt the PNM and took the party back into government, hence he became the nation’s fourth PM.

In 1995, elections were called early, and power was lost to a UNC/NAR alliance and Mr. Basdeo Panday became the fifth PM of T&T. In 2001 the general elections ended in an 18-18 dead heat. In a controversial move, Mr Arthur Robinson, the then President of the Republic give the PNM the nod to run the state’s affairs, thus making Mr. Manning the sixth PM of T&T. He then went onto carry the PNM to election victories in 2002 and then again in 2007.


[2] Age of becoming the Member of Parliament for San Fernando East: 24 – In the 1971 general election, Patrick Manning was elected unopposed as Member of Parliament for San Fernando East. There was an electoral boycott by the major opposition party. Mr. Manning was 24 years of age. He was elected a total of 11 times as Member of Parliament for San Fernando East. Twenty-Four is a divine number of government, This governmental configuration is seen in the Book of Revelation (chapter 4 and verse 4). Interestingly enough, Dr. Eric Williams, was 44 at the time he became Trinidad and Tobago’s leader, and retains the honour of being the youngest ever PM.


[3] Term of National Service: 44 years – Mr Manning entered Parliament in 1971 and left in 2015, a total of 44 years. This makes him the longest serving member to date.This term echoes the scripture from Revelation 4:4, which outlines the governmental structure around God’s Throne.


[4] Main Initials: P.M.: – Another issue to consider P.M. is short for Prime Minister, but it also are the initials for Mr. Patrick Manning


[5] Middle Name 1: Augustus – In Gospel of Luke chapter 2 and verse 1, it is seen that prior to the Lord Jesus Christ being born, that Caesar Augustus sent out a decree that all the world should be taxed. This decree caused Joseph and Mary to make their trek to Bethlehem. In 2004, Mr Manning also held the portfolio of Minister of Finance and made both direct and indirect taxation adjustments. These were for both individuals as well as corporations. In addition, Mr. Manning was responsible for floating the national currency and introduced measures to stabilise the national economy during his first term in office as Prime Minister.

[6] Middle Name 2: Mervyn – It is believed that this name was derived from the Welsh name Merfyn, which possibly meant “marrow famous”. It was the name of a 9th-century Welsh king, Merfyn Frych. Other meanings of this name include: Good Friend, Famous Friend and Sea Friend. Mr. Manning fostered close and enduring relationships with T&T’s regional neighbours. So much so, that upon hearing that Mr. Manning had taken ill, Mr. Ralph Gonsalves, the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines immediately flew down to visit him. 


[7] Age of Death: Mr. Patrick Manning was born on 17th August 1946 and passed away on July 2nd, 2016. Therefore he died exactly 46 days short of his 70th birthday. This number again shows his pre-ordained destiny to be the 4th and 6th PM of T&T. In book of Psalms chapter 90 and verse 10, the prophetic life span of a man is given as 70 years.


[8] Date of his Death 2 July 2016: – This is exactly 1 day after the 100th year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest battles of World War I. In this battle there were over 1 million casualties.





Mr. Patrick Manning was indeed that special. The issue now is if we will understand the spiritual ramifications of all of this, or will it be quickly forgotten. For those with spiritual eyes and ears, you will realize that there is something massive coming on the spiritual horizon, and you will start preparing for it. See Isaiah 6:1.


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