ReGifting Christmas


Don’t be surprised if this Christmas you get an item that you really don’t care for. Rather than let the item just clutter your home, you can wait a while and then sell it off on our website and get some cash that you can use to buy something that you can really use. Or you can ReGift it. However for the latter, there is an etiquette that should be followed that will help to avoid awkward and embarrassing situations. While some persons think that its tacky, others fully embrace it as being thrifty.



Here are rules for ReGifting:


1. The item needs to be new and unopened.This shows a level of respect for the person to whom the gift will be given.


2. The gift should be unwrapped and re-wrapped for the new recipient. This will ensure that there are no hidden cards or tags that may be sent along with the item that would indicate that it is a ReGifted item. Also if the wrapping looks old and tattered, the recipient will suspect that it is a ReGift.


3. Keep track of who gave what. Make sure that you label items that are to be ReGifted. This will ensure that you don’t ReGift an item back to the same person that gave you the item. Ideally the new recipient should be in a different circle of associates so that the ReGifting scenario is not discovered.


4. The item must not have been handmade or personalized (think monogrammed or engraved).


5. Make sure that it is appropriate for the new recipient. Unless you are fairly certain that the new recipient will appreciate the item, don’t give it to them.


6. Don’t ReGift food or edible products. These items have limited shelf lives and can be stale, or worse get the recipient ill.


7. Don’t ReGift socks, underwear or weird stuff that no-one will appreciate.


8. Don’t ReGift Promotional items (like freebie company tote sacks).


By keeping these rules you should have a safe ReGifting experience without anyone’s feelings getting hurt, or causing problems within your relationships.


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