Venezuela – the key to T&T’s Economic Turnaround!


May 23, 2016 may very well go down in history as the turning point for T&T’s recession. If the president of Venezuela holds true to his intents that were put forward today, T&T could see a range of far reaching benefits.




Mr Maduro and has delegation were properly shielded from Venezuelans who came to protest and call for a referendum. While they protested, local union activist celebrated and welcomed T&T’s guests with much jubilation. Turns out that maybe the unionist were right to celebrate, but maybe also they were celebrating for the wrong reason. Because socialism is dead.


The truth be told, T&T stands to reap tremendously from the initiatives that were presented by our Venezuelan neighbours:


[1] US$50 Million Roving facility to be used to purchase locally manufactured Food and Household Items. This will provide new markets for local manufacturers and reduce local unemployment.


[2] Large Natural Gas deposits in Venezuela can be made available to supplement shortfalls in our local production. This will serve to strengthen our energy sector.


[3] More cooperation concerning boarder patrols, thereby reducing the amount of small firearms being imported into T&T, thereby reducing the spiraling crime situation.



All of this sounds very good, however what remains to be seen is the follow thru on these initiatives as well as their longevity. I hope that it goes well for us as well as the Venezuelans.

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