West Indies Cricket Victories


Over the last few days, the people of the West Indies have had much to celebrate in the world of Cricket, listed are the Championships that have been won:


  • 1. World Cup 2016 T20 U19 championship
  • 2. World Cup 2016 T20 Women Championship
  • 3. World Cup 2016 T20 Men Championship


This is indeed a very historic and memorable moment in time. It just proves that if we work alongside one another and put aside our petty differences how much we as a region collectively can accomplish. The first video below recaptures the closing moments of the Men’s World Cup 2016 T20:



While every one in the West Indies was rejoicing captain Darren Sammy’s Speech after West Indies won the World T20 final against England, was full of emotion, and he shared his disappointment in the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB):




The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has publicly reprimanded captain Darren Sammy after his criticism in the wake of his side’s victory over England in the ICC World T20 final. This was partially in regards to the lengthy pay dispute that had put their participation in the tournament in jeopardy.


In a rapid response, the President (Whycliffe Cameron) apologized for what could be deemed inappropriate comments made by the West Indies’ male captain, Darren Sammy in a post-match interview and apologized on behalf of the WICB. The President also pledged to make inquires and promised to have the matter addressed.


West Indies players will share the entire $1.6 million prize money for winning the men’s World Twenty20 title as well as a portion of sponsorship revenue, the head of the region’s cricket board told Reuters on Sunday. But WICB chief executive Michael Muirhead says his organization should take some of the credit for the West Indies’ success in India, with the nation’s women’s side also beating Australia in their World T20 final. “All I can say is, it wasn’t by chance that this happened,” he said. “We put in a lot of preparations and spent a lot of time in getting both teams ready for this tournament. “We have a lot more to do and we will just have to intensify those efforts to make sure that those plans are institutionalized and rolled out across the region, so we have the production of good players through the systems we are putting in place.”


In regard to this rift, the CARICOM Cricket Review Panel strongly recommends the immediate dissolution of the West Indies Cricket Board and the appointment of an Interim Board whose structure and composition will be radically different from the now proven, obsolete governance framework. These two key measures are absolutely necessary in order to transform and modernize the governance, management, administration and the playing of the game.


Today, Caribbean people at home and abroad were again inspired with fire in their hearts by the success of the West Indies Women’s and Men’s Cricket Team in the ICC World Twenty 20. Again, we are in the history books, in this new format of the game as the only team to have registered wins in the U-19, Women and Men Tournaments. Below is a video of the closing moments of the West Indies Women in action, indeed another moment of inspiration for the people of the Caribbean.



Therefore in spite of our notable victories, a dark cloud of poor governance by the West Indies Cricket Board and the ongoing Players versus Board challenge have demoralized the Caribbean spirit, capture negative headlines internationally and marginalized some our of best cricket talent on the field. Let’s set this situation right as soon as possible so that we can continue being on top of the world.


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